Bushido Duels Sneak peek #9: The Manipulator

A sharp mind beats a sharp blade, its time for the final  Bushido Duels Sneak peak.

Sneakiness, deceit and mind games are the way of life for this fighter. A deceitful man, able to manipulate your or your opponents hand of cards. The Manipulator’s Special attacks can force your opponent to discard cards and allow you to retrieve a previously played card from your discard, ultimately making your Attack cards more effective.

The special attack card we’ll be looking at today is Mind Games. Here a roll of 3 Speed dice (d3) will determine his speed value (the lower the value the faster the Attack). The effect of this special attack card will only trigger if one of the two conditions on his card are met.

As long as he’s faster the opponent must discard cards, how many depends on wether the technique is Offensive or Defensive. Only if he’s speed is equal or slower (higher value) will the opponent’s cards be unaffected.

The effect when triggered is pretty straightforward, if you were offensive and faster your opponent must discard 3 random cards. If you were defensive and faster your opponent must discard 1 random card. This has the potential to disrupt your opponent’s plans and perhaps even robbing him of one of his precious special attack cards.

Will you be able to manipulate and cripple your opponent or will they see right through your treacherous plans? Time will tell….

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