Bushido Duels Sneak peak #8*: The Bruiser

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card from the game Bushido Duels. Today we’ll be looking at The Bruiser.

An avalanche on legs is an apt description of this strong warrior. Although he may be lacking the finesse of some of the other fighters he compensates this with sheer brute force.

Thanks to his battle raged state the Bruiser has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage, but it comes at a price… The trade-off is that his recklessness often leaves him vulnerable should his blade fail to hit its mark. 

His special attack cards all revolve around the strength of the character that allows him to deal massive amounts of damage and use his strength to block incoming attacks. His special attack cards weaknesses are their speed value and being more susceptible to receiving damage when on the defensive. 

In the card example above Berserker’s Rage, we see one example of what his special attack cards are all about. 

This Attack card has immense strength potential. Rolling 5 strength dice (d3) with a 78% chance of getting a strength value 9 or above, with a maximum of 15.

However the attack card has two drawbacks. One being the 4 speed dice (d3) he rolls for speed. This makes it fairly likely that his opponent will be faster (the lower the speed value the faster the technique) and thus be able to block some of the incoming damage, the sheer brute force could on the other hand make that a moot point. The other drawback is that on the defensive, this technique leaves him wide open and unable to block any incoming damage. This forces you to time the attack perfectly to ensure being on the offensive.

Join us next week when we’ll take a look at who is pulling the strings.

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