Bushido Duels Sneak peak #6: The Warlord

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card from the game Bushido Duels.

Today we’ll be looking at The Warlord. This man’s battle lust is fuelled by the suffering and pain of others. It doesn’t matter whether they are strong or weak, young or old, rich or poor, to him they are all prey. Facing him one has to defeat fear incarnate.

The Warlord’s special attack cards are at their strongest when his opponents are at their weakest. Given the upper hand the Warlord is a tough opponent to defeat.

In the card example above You Are injured? How delightful, we see what his special attack cards are all about. 

This Attack card is capable of incredible speed (the lower the value the faster the technique), rolling two Speed dice (d3) will determine the technique’s Speed value. This makes it quite likely that you’ll be faster than your opponent regardless of if you’re on the offensive or the defensive.

The real kicker is his sadistic side, namely his damage potential is conditioned on him having damaged his opponent enough that he has the upper hand.

When he has more health than his opponent, his Strength value will be 3 plus 2 Strength dice (d3). If he instead is tied or has lower health than his opponent it’s only a modest 3, making it far less effective in inflicting or blocking damage.

Join us next week when we will be trying to answer the age old question. Is there any problem that sheer brute force cannot fix?

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