Bushido Duels Sneak peak #4: The Lethal Rose

Hello, glad you could join me for this week’s look at a special attack card from Bushido Duels.

Today we’ll be looking at The Lethal Rose. First off, don’t let her appearance fool you. This Rose has thorns, and they will cut you! I’d argue that she might be one of, if not the most, powerful fighter in the game thanks to how consistent her special attack cards are.

As she is often underestimated by other fighters, her special attack cards all revolve around altering her opponent’s strength and speed values. This is a curiously strong ability and an advantage in almost every situation. The special attack cards can dull the power of attacks or blocking attempts alike, and also slow down her enemies enough that she’ll have an advantage regardless if she’s on the offensive or the defensive. The number of times the Lethal Rose has bested me in a duel is too numerous to count.

One example of her powers is when she uses her blade The Flower’s Caress as shown in the special attack card above.

This card forces your opponent to roll 1 speed die (d3) and add it to their Speed value (the lower the speed value the faster the technique).

This could force an opponent to become too slow to block your incoming attack. Pow! 5 points of damage will then bypass their defenses entirely. The real Zinger is when used defensively and this attack card is faster (ties does not count). This card will then count as the offensive card, turning the tables and hitting them for 5 points of damage*.

Join us next week when we will have a royal surprise for you!

* Boof, this is starting to look like of an episode of the 60’s Batman show.

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