Bushido Duels Sneak Peak #3: The Thrillseeker

“Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it!?” 

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card for the card dueling game Bushido Duels.

Today we will be looking at the Thrillseeker. This fighter is a creature of chaos, neither good nor evil. He is always looking for the thrill of battle and is seemingly impervious to pain, or perhaps he might even be thriving on it? (Who are we kidding, of course he does!)

In the game, the Thrillseeker likes taking damage. His Special attack cards all revolve around the concept of taking damage, and in so doing, fueling his attack cards’ damage potential. The closer he gets to being knocked out, the more dangerous he becomes.  An interesting example of his Special attack cards is : You think you’ve bested me? Think again!

You’ll roll two speed dice (d3) to determine your speed value (the lower the value, the faster the technique) giving you a speed value of 2-6. This gives you a great chance to be faster than your opponent regardless whether your attack card is offensive or defensive. 

Should your card be the offensive one, you’ll most likely ping your opponent for 2 damage but the real flavor and fun of the card happens when you’re defensive.

Now, should you be faster than your opponent (ties does not count) you’ll only block 2 points of damage. But, it is all a means to an end. The Thrillseeker is letting himself get stabbed so that he can get close to the opponent and return the favor with his blade. 

He’ll be striking back with as much force as he got hit, making your opponent receive the same damage as you just took…

This means the harder you’re hit the more damage your opponent will receive.

This is a sneaky way of knocking out your opponent or making it so that you’ll take him down with you*. It can also be used to ensure you lose some initial health as your other two special attack cards revolve around how much damage the Thrillseeker has taken.

The game is on, will your opponent be able to finish him off before you are able to retaliate with The Thrillseekers his most devastating attacks?

Join us next week when “A rose by any other name would not cut as deep

* Fun fact: this is pretty much the only way to end in a draw.

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