Bushido Duels Sneak peak #2: The Swift

You can’t hit or block what you cant catch and good luck catching up with this fighter!  It’s time for the second installment of the Bushido Duels sneak peaks, The Swift!

This young lady is, as the name suggest, the quickest of all the eight fighters and her special attack cards all revolve around their Speed values. Her three special attack cards enable her to dodge almost anything, perform two attacks at once or, as we’ll see further down, deliver a Strike as fast and deadly as lightning!

Looking at the card Lightning Strike we see that she rolls one speed die (d3) to determine her Speed value. The lower the result (the faster her reaction time is) the stronger the technique has the potential to be as the number of strength dice (d3) you roll are determined by the result of that Speed die.

Lightning Strike

For example, should she be able to get a Speed value result of 1 she unlocks her a devastatingly strong technique and get to roll 4 Strength dice (d3) resulting in a strength value of anything from 4 to 12.

In addition to the raw Strength, remember the importance of an attack card’s speed value. That Speed value of 1 is impossible for the other fighters beat (Blocking is only performed when a defensive technique is faster, ties does not count). Meaning on the offensive she will inflict damage equal to her Strength value and on the defensive she will be fast enough to block some if not all of the incoming damage depending on what she rolled for in strength.

It’s only when she rolls a 3 on the speed die that she is in any real danger of not being faster than some of her opponents (still not very likely). However her Strength value potential drops so that although she still might be faster than her opponent, her damage and blocking potential is reduced.

Will she be able to draw her blade fast enough to catch her opponents off guard or will a slight hesitation bring her down?

Join us next week when we’ll meet someone who doesn’t mind a bit of pain.

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