Bushido Duels Sneak peak #1: The Wanderer

We are on the road to the release of Bushido Duels! Late October the game will be available for purchase. To celebrate this we’ll start showcasing some of the cards of the game.

The eight fighters in the box all have their own flavor and are drawn in a beautiful Manga-style. Each of them leaning into their respective archetypes.

First up is Åke’s favorite fighter, the Wanderer. This laidback man (The Wanderer not Åke*) enjoys the simple things in life and were it up to him, he’d spend his time fishing or napping under a cherry tree instead of fighting. But we’re here to talk duels so let’s see what he’s all about.

The Wanderer’s three Special Attack Cards are stronger when his opponent has the upper hand, making him a tough nut to crack if the duel drags on. An example of this is the Attack Card Minimal Effort.

The Wanderer

Here you get to roll three Speed dice (d3) adding their results together to determine your Speed value. Remember, the lower the Speed value the faster the technique. The roll will give you a speed value from 3 to 9 where the results of a 5, 6 or 7 are the three most probable. This Speed value will determine if you’re fast enough to connect with full strength or, if on the defensive, fast enough to block the incoming attack.

However, the game isn’t all about speed. Strength has a major impact**.
The Minimal Effort-card has a condition dictating your strength depending on whether your Attack card was offensive or defensive.

If offensive The Wanderer does not exert himself and his strength clocks in at a mere 4. Should he however be put on the defensive his Strength is a whopping 9 making it possible for him to block everything except the most brutal attacks, if he is fast enough that is.
This illustrates what The Wanderer is all about, not straining himself needlessly, just when he absolutely has to.

Will you outlast your opponent or will the Wanderer’s laidback attitude be your downfall?

Join us next week when it’s all about Speed!

*Åke enjoys long walks on the beach, a glass of wine and roses.
**Pun intended

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