Hedge Maze

The hedge maze will claim it’s prize. It’s twisted thorns and razor sharp leaves hunger. Will you be able to guide your disciples away from harm or will you be thwarted in your efforts?

Hedge Maze is a two player print’n’play game that can be played with a Chess board and a set of Dominoes or with the printable components.

The goal of the game is to guide your two peasants over to the other side of an ever changing maze. To do this you can both move your peasants and move the hedges of the maze, making way for your peasants or blocking your opponent.

This game is donation-ware, which means you can download it for free below but we’d like you to consider sending a small amount our way.


Rules booklet
Game components

Remixes and custom rules

The core rules are very simple but can easily be extended, or mechanics can be replaced. We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Below you find a couple of variants we’ve enjoyed playing during the development of the game and as we receive suggestions we’ll add them here.

Almost there
You’re almost there, you can see the light… If only you can make it through the final tangle…Stepping of the board requires both actions in the turn (spend an exertion token).

Dragged through the hedge
The peasant can move directly through any number of hedgesUsing raw strength you force through the hedges in front of you, but at what cost? A peasant can be moved through any number of connected hedges in a straight line. When this is done an exertion token is permanently spent.

Upheaval of the Maze
The entire world around you shakes and turns. Once per player and game an exertion token may be permanently spent at the end of a player’s turn to rotate the board 90 degrees clockwise. Your new goal is still the opposite side.

Rotate the board 90 degrees clockwise

Tangled thorns
The branches of the hedge twists and turns gripping for unwary feet. Permanently spend an exertion token to keep one peasant of your coice from moving the next turn.

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