Bushido Duels Rules FAQ

Writing clear and rules that can’t be misinterpreted is hard, below you’ll find some answers to common questions we’ve gotten about the game

What happens if the speed values of the played attack cards are tied? For example if they’re both 6?

A defensive card is not faster unless the value is lower. A tied value would then mean that the defensive card will block no damage, the player will receive damage equal to the strength of the offensive card..

The same goes for a special attack card requiring the technique to be faster, the effect will not trigger if the values are tied.

The game is played in pairs, do I need 4 players to play?

No! Bushido Duels is a game that works great with 2 players. The game is generally* played in pairs of players where each pairing is a separate 1 vs 1 duel. Depending on the number of players there can be up to 4 duels where each pairing is playing independently of the other players. How these independent duels interact depends on the game type.

* The free-for-all allows a more chaotic version where you can be an odd number of players.

Which is the best fighter?

All fighters has their strengths and weaknesses, a fighter can be great against a certain opponent but terrible against others. Getting to know each of the fighters and learning these strengths and weaknesses will be very important when playing the game mode “Clash of the Clans”

This is also a very personal opinion and the fighter I consider the best will likely not match the fighter you consider best

Can the extra die of damage from the Warlord’s “Sadistic Strike” be blocked?

No, this die roll is “damage” and not “strength”, and can thus not be blocked.

What happens if I need to discard more cards than I have?

Discard all your remaining cards. Refresh your hand and then discard the final card or cards so the number of cards disca.

Example: Discard 3 cards when you only have 2 cards in your hand:

  • discard 2 cards
  • refresh your hand
  • discard 1 more card

Two of the Highborn’s special attack cards says discard X cards of your choice, can I force the opponent to discard cards?

No. The Highborn limits himself to show of. This is done by discarding attack cards. See “I’m done toying with you” for the upside to this strategy.