About us

Frozen Maze Games is a newly founded Swedish company started by long-time friends and board game enthusiasts Per Sundin and Åke Forslund.

Our goal is to produce games to bring friends or strangers closer, games to challenge and to reward.


Per Sundin, Biologist by day, game developer by night. This northern swede is a firm believer that board and card games should provide fun and social interactions between people and that signs of a good game is when you’re having as much fun loosing as winning. His approach to playing and developing board games is to always plan for the worst-case scenario. He enjoy playing Caverna, Smash Up, Carcassonne and Game of Thrones: The Board Game.

Worst gaming related memory: Repeatedly failing to glue resin miniatures together despite numerous tries (YES(!) he pre-washed the resin…). Worst weeks (or months) of his hobby related life…

Åke’s thoughts on Per: “Per’s the engine of the company, his mind is an infinite pool of ideas and his attention to details assures that all angles are considered. He has a wicked sense of humor and a mischievous glint in his eyes.”


Åke Forslund likes to wear his hat. He is, as usual a bit absent-minded, and don’t quite know where it is… But he likes it. During the day he develops software from a small cottage in the Swedish countryside.

Worst gaming memory: Being a terrible liar he suffered moral angst for weeks when playing a play-by-email game of Game of Thrones.

Favorite games include, Robo Rally, Fury of Dracula and Power Grid.

Per’s thoughts on Åke: A humorous man who has a calm and collected approach to solving problems. His mind acts as Frozen Maze Games resident super computer, a life saver when we try to analyse and balance rules and game mechanics. A computer whiz that gets things done while also being able to counter point in my most “out there” game ideas and plans.”