Perilous Pond Preview Edition

As part of the Preparations for the upcoming Crowdfunding campaign we’re starting to assemble the Preview copies of Perilous Pond.

The more complicated components like card decks and game box are all designed and has arrived. The standard meeples we’re using has arrived and we have enough of the custom pike meeple for 10 games. The current issue is the crystal gems we’re using as fireflies. We have received plenty of the red, white and blue ones but the dark yellow ones were out of stock at We’ve ordered some yellow ones from The Game Crafter but we’re not sure if they are the same hue.

The big pile of game components

Hopefully this preview edition will be much closer to the final result than the Bushido Duels preview edition. We’ve learned a lot* about designing the various things that make a game a game…

My favorite thing is, the box size matches Bushido Duels almost exactly so the games makes an excellent pair.

Let’s briefly cover the elephant in the room…I haven’t mentioned the rule-book yet, and yeah…That’s still a bit away. We’ve worked through the book in Swedish and are getting quite close to having all needed graphics and text. There are still rough patches that needs to be ironed out and after that we’ll translate into English**.

So to summarize, we’re close to having all components for the preview editions of Perilous Pond. Rules are also coming along nicely but will likely be the last piece of the puzzle.

* By “a lot” we mean “a little”

** Should be quick… Right?

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