Kickstarter preparations for Perilous Pond

To help with the (hopefully) upcoming Kickstarter campaign I started messing about with 3d-rendering using Blender.

The game box rendered in Blender

These images show the progress so far. A decent representation of the game components along with the box. We will hopefully be able to use these scenes / models on the back of the box, on some promo-material and in an eventual Kickstarter campaign for the game.

A game in progress.

The hardest part has been to get the look of the firefly crystals right, I’m still not 100% satisfied but I think it’s good enough for use on the back of the preview edition. Cards, dice and meeples were surprisingly easy to get into decent shape.

The intended use of the rendering above is to use on the back of the prototype box we’re producing for preview copies.

Another nice thing is that we’ve been able to try out different options for the dices. Producing three dimensional images really helps bring a choice to life.

We’re really partial towards the black ones.

Working with this has been sort of relaxing. Sitting down an hour or two at a time and just working through a scene or trying different shaders…

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