One year with Bushido Duels

Hi, this is Åke. A little over a year ago the final version of Bushido duels was delivered to my door marking the end of a long learning process.

All the 1085 Bushido Duels boxes in existence.

A year has now passed and despite the pandemic at has been quite a year.

After moving all boxes out of the weather and into my work/hobby room we quickly set up a simple webshop to be able to sell the game to anyone who had shown an interest in the game during the failed Kickstarter-campaign. A great number of friends quickly ordered a copy directly. (Thank you all, you rock!).

After that we started contacting stores trying to get our game onto shelves. The first store to show interest was Spelfaktoriet, a local game store run by game enthusiasts. During the year we’ve evolved our sales-pitch quite a bit, tweaking the pricing and the way we present the game, creating a pamphlet, tweaking the pdf to not be humongous.

Bushido Duels spotted in the wild at World of Boardgames in Umeå.

Another important early step was to send the game to reviewers around the planet resulting in some nice coverage on Instagram but also on the podcast Which Game First and the Youtube channel Tabletop gaming guild.

In the last couple of months conventions has started back up and we’ve demoed and sold the game at Eskilstuna Spelkonvent and LinCon. Presenting the game is always a real self-esteem boost. Seeing people having fun with the game gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Bushido Duels on display at LinCon 2021.

It’s been an awesome year and we’ve had a great time even if it’s been a bit overwhelming at times with all the learning, adapting and improving. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Thank you everyone who’s followed us on this journey!

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