One year with Bushido Duels

Hi, this is Åke. A little over a year ago the final version of Bushido duels was delivered to my door marking the end of a long learning process.

All the 1085 Bushido Duels boxes in existence.

A year has now passed and despite the pandemic at has been quite a year.

After moving all boxes out of the weather and into my work/hobby room we quickly set up a simple webshop to be able to sell the game to anyone who had shown an interest in the game during the failed Kickstarter-campaign. A great number of friends quickly ordered a copy directly. (Thank you all, you rock!).

After that we started contacting stores trying to get our game onto shelves. The first store to show interest was Spelfaktoriet, a local game store run by game enthusiasts. During the year we’ve evolved our sales-pitch quite a bit, tweaking the pricing and the way we present the game, creating a pamphlet, tweaking the pdf to not be humongous.

Bushido Duels spotted in the wild at World of Boardgames in Umeå.

Another important early step was to send the game to reviewers around the planet resulting in some nice coverage on Instagram but also on the podcast Which Game First and the Youtube channel Tabletop gaming guild.

In the last couple of months conventions has started back up and we’ve demoed and sold the game at Eskilstuna Spelkonvent and LinCon. Presenting the game is always a real self-esteem boost. Seeing people having fun with the game gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Bushido Duels on display at LinCon 2021.

It’s been an awesome year and we’ve had a great time even if it’s been a bit overwhelming at times with all the learning, adapting and improving. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Thank you everyone who’s followed us on this journey!

A computer game

Back in the day we created a computer game…And you can play it here!

This game was created for the event TV-spelsjam back in 2017. The event was held in the community center “Klossen” (Hence the name). TV-spelsjam is a small convention with a lot of video games some talks around the video game culture and technology as well as a great place to hang out and meet people.

The game itself was made in the evenings and weekends of December 2016, the goal was to make a quite fast platformer with speed-running in mind. Due to the short time-frame and lack of spare time there are a couple of interesting glitches in the game (such as “edge jumping” to get high speed jumps) but they, in my opinion, adds extra charm to the game.

The main character “Jammy” is the convention mascot and not our creation. Jammy is but one of many “Cibas” of diverse backgrounds and styles meant to make everyone feel included. The first levels features some artwork from the Melon.js tutorial but the “ice” theme was wholy created by us. The music of the game is a chip cover of the song Shoreline by Broder Daniel made in Milkytracker by Åke and his sister Sara. We called it “Chipline” and felt really clever.

Since the game is not available on the web page of Digital Spelkultur anymore we decided to dig it out and put it here. It’s icy theme works very well with our own style. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

(My best time is currently 01:02:10, beat it if you can!)

We’re at it again!

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new title. Technically we have been working on it for some time now but are still trying to make the fun-o-meter climb a couple of more points.

We are however quite confident in the concept and are happy to tell you that we’re once more working together with the very talented Emily Ryan to make sure the fun is matched by the greatest artwork. After her great job with Bushido Duels she’s our first choice. We had a great first meeting to discuss the art style and concepts of the upcoming game and couldn’t be more excited. We recently got the first drafts of the box art alternatives and will decide the art direction in the weeks to come.

Emily Ryan

Watch this space, Facebook or Instagram for more news! We’re excited to share more as the game congeals into it’s final form!

Bushido Duels Sneak peek #9: The Manipulator

A sharp mind beats a sharp blade, its time for the final  Bushido Duels Sneak peak.

Sneakiness, deceit and mind games are the way of life for this fighter. A deceitful man, able to manipulate your or your opponents hand of cards. The Manipulator’s Special attacks can force your opponent to discard cards and allow you to retrieve a previously played card from your discard, ultimately making your Attack cards more effective.

The special attack card we’ll be looking at today is Mind Games. Here a roll of 3 Speed dice (d3) will determine his speed value (the lower the value the faster the Attack). The effect of this special attack card will only trigger if one of the two conditions on his card are met.

As long as he’s faster the opponent must discard cards, how many depends on wether the technique is Offensive or Defensive. Only if he’s speed is equal or slower (higher value) will the opponent’s cards be unaffected.

The effect when triggered is pretty straightforward, if you were offensive and faster your opponent must discard 3 random cards. If you were defensive and faster your opponent must discard 1 random card. This has the potential to disrupt your opponent’s plans and perhaps even robbing him of one of his precious special attack cards.

Will you be able to manipulate and cripple your opponent or will they see right through your treacherous plans? Time will tell….

Bushido Duels Sneak peak #8*: The Bruiser

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card from the game Bushido Duels. Today we’ll be looking at The Bruiser.

An avalanche on legs is an apt description of this strong warrior. Although he may be lacking the finesse of some of the other fighters he compensates this with sheer brute force.

Thanks to his battle raged state the Bruiser has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage, but it comes at a price… The trade-off is that his recklessness often leaves him vulnerable should his blade fail to hit its mark. 

His special attack cards all revolve around the strength of the character that allows him to deal massive amounts of damage and use his strength to block incoming attacks. His special attack cards weaknesses are their speed value and being more susceptible to receiving damage when on the defensive. 

In the card example above Berserker’s Rage, we see one example of what his special attack cards are all about. 

This Attack card has immense strength potential. Rolling 5 strength dice (d3) with a 78% chance of getting a strength value 9 or above, with a maximum of 15.

However the attack card has two drawbacks. One being the 4 speed dice (d3) he rolls for speed. This makes it fairly likely that his opponent will be faster (the lower the speed value the faster the technique) and thus be able to block some of the incoming damage, the sheer brute force could on the other hand make that a moot point. The other drawback is that on the defensive, this technique leaves him wide open and unable to block any incoming damage. This forces you to time the attack perfectly to ensure being on the offensive.

Join us next week when we’ll take a look at who is pulling the strings.

* Where is 7? Check out our Instagram or our Facebook page for that!

Bushido Duels Sneak peak #6: The Warlord

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card from the game Bushido Duels.

Today we’ll be looking at The Warlord. This man’s battle lust is fuelled by the suffering and pain of others. It doesn’t matter whether they are strong or weak, young or old, rich or poor, to him they are all prey. Facing him one has to defeat fear incarnate.

The Warlord’s special attack cards are at their strongest when his opponents are at their weakest. Given the upper hand the Warlord is a tough opponent to defeat.

In the card example above You Are injured? How delightful, we see what his special attack cards are all about. 

This Attack card is capable of incredible speed (the lower the value the faster the technique), rolling two Speed dice (d3) will determine the technique’s Speed value. This makes it quite likely that you’ll be faster than your opponent regardless of if you’re on the offensive or the defensive.

The real kicker is his sadistic side, namely his damage potential is conditioned on him having damaged his opponent enough that he has the upper hand.

When he has more health than his opponent, his Strength value will be 3 plus 2 Strength dice (d3). If he instead is tied or has lower health than his opponent it’s only a modest 3, making it far less effective in inflicting or blocking damage.

Join us next week when we will be trying to answer the age old question. Is there any problem that sheer brute force cannot fix?

Bushido Duels Sneak peak #5: The Highborn

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card from the game Bushido Duels.

Today we will be looking at The Highborn. This man believes that people of lower classes (and the middle classes) are filth and should be treated as such! An arrogant man who regards himself as the only true Sword Saint in history. His sword prowess is tightly intertwined with his belief in his own ability. Thus he is almost unmatched when on the offensive and on a winning streak.

Fueled by confidence and mockingly discarding his own attack cards to power his most potent attack gives him the potential to totally steam roll his opponents. However… what would happen to his self-confidence and sword prowess should his opponent block an attack or perhaps even connect with their blade?

In the card above A slight case of Hübris, we see the essence of his special attack cards. 

The roll of three Speed dice (d3) determining his speed value (the lower value the faster the technique) is one of the more important rolls in the game. If low enough, on the offensive, it unlocks a powerful attack of four strength dice (d3), dealing unblockable damage due to him being faster. Then you’ll discard an attack card of your choice but don’t sweat it as it only helps strengthen his ultimate attack down the line…

The downside to this card is that it is that on the defensive or if you’re not fast enough, the efficiency drops considerably as it only lets you to roll two strength dice making it far less impactful.

Join us next week when we’ll be going to war!

Bushido Duels Sneak peak #4: The Lethal Rose

Hello, glad you could join me for this week’s look at a special attack card from Bushido Duels.

Today we’ll be looking at The Lethal Rose. First off, don’t let her appearance fool you. This Rose has thorns, and they will cut you! I’d argue that she might be one of, if not the most, powerful fighter in the game thanks to how consistent her special attack cards are.

As she is often underestimated by other fighters, her special attack cards all revolve around altering her opponent’s strength and speed values. This is a curiously strong ability and an advantage in almost every situation. The special attack cards can dull the power of attacks or blocking attempts alike, and also slow down her enemies enough that she’ll have an advantage regardless if she’s on the offensive or the defensive. The number of times the Lethal Rose has bested me in a duel is too numerous to count.

One example of her powers is when she uses her blade The Flower’s Caress as shown in the special attack card above.

This card forces your opponent to roll 1 speed die (d3) and add it to their Speed value (the lower the speed value the faster the technique).

This could force an opponent to become too slow to block your incoming attack. Pow! 5 points of damage will then bypass their defenses entirely. The real Zinger is when used defensively and this attack card is faster (ties does not count). This card will then count as the offensive card, turning the tables and hitting them for 5 points of damage*.

Join us next week when we will have a royal surprise for you!

* Boof, this is starting to look like of an episode of the 60’s Batman show.

Bushido Duels Sneak Peak #3: The Thrillseeker

“Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it!?” 

Hi and welcome to this week’s look at a special attack card for the card dueling game Bushido Duels.

Today we will be looking at the Thrillseeker. This fighter is a creature of chaos, neither good nor evil. He is always looking for the thrill of battle and is seemingly impervious to pain, or perhaps he might even be thriving on it? (Who are we kidding, of course he does!)

In the game, the Thrillseeker likes taking damage. His Special attack cards all revolve around the concept of taking damage, and in so doing, fueling his attack cards’ damage potential. The closer he gets to being knocked out, the more dangerous he becomes.  An interesting example of his Special attack cards is : You think you’ve bested me? Think again!

You’ll roll two speed dice (d3) to determine your speed value (the lower the value, the faster the technique) giving you a speed value of 2-6. This gives you a great chance to be faster than your opponent regardless whether your attack card is offensive or defensive. 

Should your card be the offensive one, you’ll most likely ping your opponent for 2 damage but the real flavor and fun of the card happens when you’re defensive.

Now, should you be faster than your opponent (ties does not count) you’ll only block 2 points of damage. But, it is all a means to an end. The Thrillseeker is letting himself get stabbed so that he can get close to the opponent and return the favor with his blade. 

He’ll be striking back with as much force as he got hit, making your opponent receive the same damage as you just took…

This means the harder you’re hit the more damage your opponent will receive.

This is a sneaky way of knocking out your opponent or making it so that you’ll take him down with you*. It can also be used to ensure you lose some initial health as your other two special attack cards revolve around how much damage the Thrillseeker has taken.

The game is on, will your opponent be able to finish him off before you are able to retaliate with The Thrillseekers his most devastating attacks?

Join us next week when “A rose by any other name would not cut as deep

* Fun fact: this is pretty much the only way to end in a draw.

Bushido Duels Sneak peak #2: The Swift

Fast as lightning

You can’t hit or block what you cant catch and good luck catching up with this fighter!  It’s time for the second installment of the Bushido Duels sneak peaks, The Swift!

This young lady is, as the name suggest, the quickest of all the eight fighters and her special attack cards all revolve around their Speed values. Her three special attack cards enable her to dodge almost anything, perform two attacks at once or, as we’ll see further down, deliver a Strike as fast and deadly as lightning!

Looking at the card Lightning Strike we see that she rolls one speed die (d3) to determine her Speed value. The lower the result (the faster her reaction time is) the stronger the technique has the potential to be as the number of strength dice (d3) you roll are determined by the result of that Speed die.

Lightning Strike

For example, should she be able to get a Speed value result of 1 she unlocks her a devastatingly strong technique and get to roll 4 Strength dice (d3) resulting in a strength value of anything from 4 to 12.

In addition to the raw Strength, remember the importance of an attack card’s speed value. That Speed value of 1 is impossible for the other fighters beat (Blocking is only performed when a defensive technique is faster, ties does not count). Meaning on the offensive she will inflict damage equal to her Strength value and on the defensive she will be fast enough to block some if not all of the incoming damage depending on what she rolled for in strength.

It’s only when she rolls a 3 on the speed die that she is in any real danger of not being faster than some of her opponents (still not very likely). However her Strength value potential drops so that although she still might be faster than her opponent, her damage and blocking potential is reduced.

Will she be able to draw her blade fast enough to catch her opponents off guard or will a slight hesitation bring her down?

Join us next week when we’ll meet someone who doesn’t mind a bit of pain.

Lightning via Good Free Photos