This game was made for TVspelsjam by Useless Software.

The Game

This game was created for the event TV-spelsjam back in 2017. The event was held in the community center "Klossen" (Hence the name). TV-spelsjam is a small convention with a lot of videogames some talks around the video game culture and technology as well as a great place to hang out and meet people.

The game itself was made in the evenings and weekends of december 2016, the goal was to make a quite fast platformer with speedrunning in mind. Due to the short timeframe and lack of spare time there are a couple of interesting glitches in the game (such as "edge jumping" to get high speed jumps) but they, in my opinion, adds extra charm to the game.

The game was well received and the crew played it during off-hours racing to get the best time, which felt like a success.

The main character "Jammy" is the convention mascot and not our creation. Jammy is but one of many "Cibas" of diverse backgrounds and styles meant to make everyone feel included. The first levels features some artwork from the Melon.js tutorial but the "ice" theme was wholy created by us. The music of the game is a chip cover of the song Shoreline by Broder Daniel made in Milkytracker by Åke and his sister Sara. We called it "Chipline" and felt really clever.

Eagle-eyed observers will have noticed that the name "Useless Software" is shown in the scroller on the title screen, this is a name Åke has been using for his software creations since he was 15.

Enjoy the game and feel free to mail your best times to us. Mine is currently 01:01:10.

- Åke